The Capital Auto Group and Capital Cares are proud to announce the donation of a cargo van to Carmichael Outreach.

Capital GMC Showroom, Regina, SK – Thursday, March 23, 1:00 PM

capital cares logo - regina philanthropyThrough Carmichael Outreach, “those struggling with addictions, poverty, health issues and overwhelming life crises are shown that people care and are willing to help.” With the ultimate goal of ending poverty and homelessness in our communities, Carmichael Outreach provides daily support that is both materially necessary and thoroughly human. In donating a cargo van, the Capital Auto Group hopes to facilitate this support. Specifically, the van will benefit the Food Security and Nutrition Program as well as the Housing Support Program.

For full res media files & video please click here. Last year, the Carmichael Outreach Food Security Program delivered 63,000 meals to those in need. Without a large vehicle, the collection and delivery of donated food entailed multiple trips to and from the centre. The donation of the cargo van will greatly expedite this vital service. As a result, workers and volunteers will be able to offer more assistance in the organisation’s other programs.

Among those programs is Carmichael Outreach’s Housing Support Program. Provides services such as compiling and distributing a weekly list of affordable rentals, mediation between tenant and landlord, and tenant skill-building. Most importantly, the Housing Support Program helps vulnerable members of our community find and maintain housing. Last year alone, Carmichael Outreach helped 240 people move into new homes. With only a minivan for transportation, moves typically took an entire day. The cargo van should greatly increase efficiency. In the words of Tyler Gray, communications, advocacy, and project coordinator at Carmichael Outreach; the van will “save time, reduce stress,” and is “incredibly encouraging as an organisation.”

For full rez files and videos please <a href="">click here.</a>The people of Carmichael Outreach have expressed their deep gratitude, but this donation is only a small gesture in the context of their longstanding dedication to our community. Hopefully, Capital’s partnership with Carmichael Outreach will encourage others to join in an effort to provide the necessities of life to vulnerable people while defending their respect and dignity.

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For media inquiries, please contact:
Cindy Pedersen
Capital Auto Advertising Manager

Tyler Gray
Communications, Advocacy, and Projects

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